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Drops Plans To Increase Prices Due To Net Neutrality

Bharti Airtel Controversial VoIP Tariff Plans
Bharti Airtel Logo
Bharti Airtel Logo

Bharti Airtel Ltd has dropped plans to charge clients extra for Internet communication services such as Skype, amid a debate on allowing equal access to web content and a backlash from subscribers. India’s largest telecommunications carrier by subscribers said that Internet or data plans that give customers discounted rates will be valid for Internet browsing but will exclude Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services.

VoIP services include communications applications such as Skype, Line and Viber that typically let users make free calls through the Internet.

The proposal sparked widespread complaints from Indians on social media and the creation of a website to fight against the plan. Airtel said the company had decided not to implement the policy in the face of

The head of TRAI, Rahul Khullar, told local media that while Airtel’s decision to charge more for these services was not in accordance with net neutrality, it was not illegal.

He said: “Net neutrality is the principle that all Internet service providers should allow access to all content without favouring any particular product or websitesnews reports that a consultation paper will be issued shortly by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India on issues relating to services offered by OTT players including VOIP.”

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Debut collection will reflect her personal style.

Gauri Khan has always been known for her independence and strong character and it seems that the entrepreneur is now going to add another title to her already packed resume by branching out into the fashion industry.

Gauri Khan collaborates with Satya Paul to mark the brand’s 30th anniversary
Gauri Khan collaborates with Satya Paul to mark the brand’s 30th anniversary

Gauri, wife of Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan, is reportedly lending her creativity to Indian fashion label Satya Paul and will be launching her own fashion line for the brand to mark the its 30th anniversary.

Already a successful interior designer, the fashionista said: “My signature line of clothing for Satya Paul will showcase a distinctive aspect of my own personal style.

“Co-creating and endorsing a line for one of India’s finest brands will be a new experience for me.”

Inspired by an exotic holiday, Gauri’s debut clothing and accessories collection is entitled ‘A Tropical Wonder’. The collection will follow a summery and soothing colour and theme consisting of casual and occasional clothing items from shift dresses and sheer tunics to flowing kaftans and saris.

Sanjay Kapoor, managing director of Genesis Colors, the holding company for Satya Paul said: “It has been extremely exciting to involve Gauri Khan in this project, something completely different from what we have done before.

“She has a distinct aesthetic, apart from being a veritable fashion icon.”

The luxurious and chic Spring-Summer 2015 line targeting the young Indian woman is set to be launched next month.

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Advice on Keeping Your Hair Looking Healthy and Beautiful this Winter

The winter months are upon us and the weather is getting colder every day. Now is the time to start thinking about how to protect your hair from the effects of the cold, wet weather. This November, Asgar Saboo, Style Director of the Daniel Galvin Salon and hairstylist to stars including Cindy Crawford, Eva Longoria , Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Hrithik Roshan, has suggested the top tips to maintain healthy hair this winter.

1. Condition your hair. Cold air or dry heat from indoor heating can cause your hair to lose moisture and become dry and flaky. Treating your hair with a good quality deep-conditioning serum or balm will help to replenish moisture.

2. Don’t wash your hair too often. Not washing your hair too often will preserve moisture in the hair and prevent it from becoming coarse and unmanageable. Always dry your hair before leaving the house – not just to avoid getting a cold but also to keep your hair from becoming brittle and dry.

3. Keep your hair covered. You can either use a hat or silk scarf to protect it from rain, snow or wind. A sudden change of weather can cause a lot of damage to your hair.

4. Trim your hair regularly. A light trim every 6 to 8 weeks will do wonders to prevent split ends.

5. Use good quality heat defence spray. If you tend to use heat styling tools make sure to apply heat spray or leave-in conditioner to keep your hair hydrated, soft and shiny.

For more information and advice on styling tips visit Asgar on:

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Child being administered Polio drop.

The International Health Committee placed restrictions on Pakistan’s travel board without a polio certificate, the committee declared the country to be responsible for spreading the polio virus across the world.

This is after three cases of the disease emerged in Afghanistan. In order to eliminate polio in six months the International Health Committee have cracked down on Pakistan and ordered that no citizens could travel abroad without a polio certificate. The certificate indicates the passenger has had polio drops and is safe to travel.

Passengers without a certificate would not be allowed to travel under any circumstances and would go through a screening process. However lack of security has caused a delay in polio teams carrying out their work, such as a three-day anti-polio campaign was to commence in Baldia and Bin Qasim.

According to Dr Zafar Ijaz, Director Health Services, in the three-day campaign over 200,000 children were to be given polio drops. Over 600 mobile polio teams had been deployed to administer the drops in 11 union councils.
Polio causes symptoms such as pain, muscle weakness and fatigue. It remains a widespread problem in Nigeria, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

As there is no cure yet, new polio cases are emerging on a daily basis.

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Ogaan designs at Hauz Khas store.

Celebrating its silver jubilee anniversary, Ogaan, one of India’s oldest multi designer fashion boutiques held a grand exhibition at its Hauz Khas store. The exhibition will be a journey through time as it will showcase work from those who have been associated with the line’s proprietor Kavita Bhartia from the beginning. the boutique first opened in Delhi which laid the foundation of Indian fashion.

Bhartia said, “In November, 1989 I opened the store with the late designer Rohit Khosla. It was the second multi-brand store in the country and the idea was to showcase the design and craft of Indian designers under one roof. The first such store in the country was opened by Tarun Tahiliani in Bombay. So I followed Tarun and gave an opportunity to Rohit Bal, Shahab Durazi, Madhu Jain and Anamika Khanna.”

Commenting on the evolution of fashion in other countries she added, “This concept exists all over the world. In 1980s there were only local durzees and people had to travel abroad to get their share of garments and accessories.

We have a long way to go but slowly and steadily our designers have become experts and are now giving competition to designers across the world.

They are in the business of fashion globally because of multiple factors like unique content in terms of designing and better pricing. So they are leading a wave of Indian fashion.”

The name Ogaan comes from the Sanskrit word which means ‘something for everybody’, according to Bhartia the name had “international flavour”. Some of the people who presented their work at Bhartia’s store include Sunita Kapoor, wife of actor Anil Kapoor, Rohit Khosla and Manisha Jai Singh.

Instructions given to each designer was to create a collection reflecting their one-of-a-kind sensibilities as a brand. Special features from each designer include custom made weaving, saris, capes and unique embroidery.

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Out later this year

Apple has unveiled iOS 8, the biggest release since the launch of the App Store, giving users incredible new features and developers the tools to create amazing new apps. iOS 8 delivers a simpler, faster and more intuitive user experience, including iCloud Photo Library, allowing you to enjoy your photos and videos more easily across your devices; new Messages features to easily share voice, video or photos with just a swipe; and an entirely new Health app that gives you a clear overview of your health and fitness data all in one place. iOS 8 also includes predictive typing for Apple’s QuickType keyboard; Family Sharing, the easiest way to share purchases, photos and calendars within the same household; and iCloud Drive, so you can store files and access them from anywhere.

“iOS 8 offers simpler, faster and more intuitive ways to use your device with incredible new features like iCloud Photo Library, a new Messages app, the QuickType keyboard and an entirely new Health app,”

said Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering. “We’re also giving developers amazing new tools to make managing your health and your home from your devices an integrated, simple and secure experience.”

In iOS 8, the Photos app and iCloud Photo Library give you access to all of your photos and videos anytime, anywhere. Your photos are easy to find and are organised consistently across your enabled devices. The Photos app can automatically straighten horizons and with smart editing tools, you can quickly adjust light and colour or access individual tools for deeper fine-tuning. With iCloud Photo Library, every adjustment and effect is automatically updated across your devices.

Conversations in Messages become more immersive with the ability to communicate with just a swipe. Tap to Talk allows you to share your voice and the same simple gesture also works for sharing videos and photos within Messages. Group messaging now gives you the ability to add and remove contacts, leave a conversation and the option to not be disturbed. Users can easily browse through all of the photos and videos within a conversation and share multiple photos and videos at once. You can choose to share your current location from within Messages for an hour, a day or longer.

The new Health app gathers the information you choose from your various health apps and fitness devices, and provides you with a clear and current overview in one place. iOS 8 offers developers the ability for health and fitness apps to communicate with each other. With your permission, each app can use specific information from other apps to provide a more comprehensive way to manage your health and fitness. For example, the Nike+ apps using NikeFuel will be able to pull in other key HealthKit metrics such as sleep and nutrition to build a custom user profile and improve athletic performance.

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Figure is Expected to Significantly Rise

Public Health England and a leading health charity have joined forces in a new campaign to tackle one of the biggest health issues facing England and a growing issue for ethnic minority communities. Alzheimer’s Society’s Dementia Friends initiative aims to give people understanding of dementia and encourage a whole society response to enable people with the condition to live well.

Of the 665,000 people in England and Wales living with dementia, it is estimated that approximately 25,000 are from ethnic minority communities. This figure is expected to rise significantly as the ethnic minority population ages. By 2026 it is likely to have doubled to nearly 50,000 and by 2051 to over 172,000 – representing a seven-fold increase in 40 years.[i]

It is likely that dementia is more common among South Asian communities. This is because high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke and heart disease, which are risk factors for dementia, are more common among these ethnic groups.

Evidence suggests that there are lower levels of awareness and higher levels of stigma among some ethnic minority groups – the disease is often associated with ‘madness’ and there is no equivalent word for dementia in the Asian languages. Also evidence suggests that South Asians present to their doctors for diagnosis much later than their white counterparts, by which time the disease has become more severe.

Dementia is caused by diseases of the brain. There are over 100 types of dementia and the most common is Alzheimer’s. It mainly affects (but is not restricted to) people over 65 years of age. It is not, as widely believed, a natural part of ageing, and can affect anybody regardless of race or social background.

The Dementia Friends campaign aims to give people an understanding of what it’s like to live with dementia, dispel common myths and stigma associated with the disease and show how we can make a real difference to people living with the condition.

Jeremy Hughes, chief executive of Alzheimer’s Society said:

“Research suggests dementia is on the rise within South Asian communities yet cultural factors relating to language, increased stigma and close-knit family bonds can make it harder for them to access information and advice.”

“Through Dementia Friends people within South Asian communities can understand a bit more about what it is like to live with dementia and the small things that help those with the condition. It is easy and free to become a Dementia Friend, so I urge you to all sign up and make a difference.”

Duncan Selbie, chief executive of Public Health England said: “Dementia is a growing challenge for many communities. Dementia has a big impact on the families and friends of those affected by the disease. People living with dementia need a helping hand to go about their daily lives and feel included in their local community. Becoming a Dementia Friend enables us to understand more about the disease and the little things we can do that will make a big difference to those living with dementia and their families.”

Dr Karan Jutlla, Senior Lecturer, Association for Dementia Studies said: “South Asian communities have no translation for the term dementia, so it’s important to get them talking about it and learning from each other. It is through this process that we can start to defeat the stigma of the disease. Dementia Friends is a great initiative that can help our family, friends and communities to become more aware of dementia and understand how to help people with the condition.”

The initiative forms part of the Prime Minister’s Challenge on Dementia, and builds on commitments declared at the 2013 G8 Dementia Summit, which included a call to improve the quality of life for people living with the disease.

To become a Dementia Friend, visit and watch the short video, or find an information session run by a Dementia Friends champion (a trained volunteer) in your area.The full film of ‘With A Little Help From My Friends’ will also be available to view on the site.

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